Lines for the production of sheets from coils in different types of metal with unwinding, flattening, transverse cutting in length and stacking of tin plates produced in continuum.


all types of steel – hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized, pickled, oiled.

Special applications:

high-strength and high-thickness steel
for structural applications; hardened steels; mirrored stainless steel; aluminium; light alloys, etc.

Tin plate thickness from 0.2 to 20 mm:

use of multiple in-line levellers to guarantee wide thickness ranges as single levelling machines dedicated to small distribution.


mainly for the high-strength steel sector, the use of multiple engines with an innovative electronic control system to balance and enhance the torques necessary for the leveling process.


Plants built around customers’ needs, be it a large steel mill or the small local service center. Automatic stackers and sheet metal packaging systems;
Integration of systems measuring thickness, stripe width, and surface quality; oiling systems.

Over 350,000 tons / year:

the correlation to the highest capacity productivity requested with hundreds of thousands of tons per year processable by each individual plant thanks to the different automation stages available to eliminate downtime and minimize the personnel required to run them.

High productivity

the reduction of plant maintenance costs due to a strong use of systems
with lower energy and maintenance impact.